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The GeoPRISMS Program has come to completion after its run of over ten years. As part of the program legacy, the GeoPRISMS office has put together the final issue of the newsletter that celebrates a decade of scientific achievements made through the Program and highlights the efforts that have enabled to build this amazing science community (Digital newsletter available here). Through science reviews, program highlights, testimonials, and research nuggets – contributed by researchers from the GeoPRISMS Community – this final newsletter showcases the individual and collaborative efforts that have led to discoveries made via the GeoPRISMS subduction and rift initiatives, with the goal of communicating the breadth and depth of the science that has been carried out by the GeoPRISMS community. Articles published in the retrospective volume are available for download below).

GeoPRISMS Eos special themed

A special Eos-themed issue published in March 2021, highlights the GeoPRISMS and MARGINS legacy and provides a look at 20 years of science accomplishments and community building efforts made through the programs. This issue features Science Updates that offer summaries of multidisciplinary research conducted across GeoPRISMS primary sites. We would like to thank all of the authors for writing such impactful pieces:

2010-2021 GeoPRISMS Newsletters

The GeoPRISMS Newsletter was published twice a year and was designed to provide to the GeoPRISMS Community summaries of GeoPRISMS activities and meetings, synthesis articles, editorials, and discussion of science opportunities. Tables of content and links to articles for each newsletter are available below.

GeoPRISMS Final Newsletter - Spring 2021

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Science Reviews

Program Highlights

Science Nuggets

GeoPRISMS Newsletter #42 - Spring 2019
GeoPRISMS Newsletter #41 - Fall 2018
GeoPRISMS Newsletter #35 - Fall 2015

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GeoPRISMS Newsletter #33 - Fall 2014
GeoPRISMS Newsletter #31 - Fall 2013
GeoPRISMS Newsletter #29 - Fall 2012

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GeoPRISMS Newsletter #28 - Spring 2012
GeoPRISMS Newsletter #27 - Fall 2011

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GeoPRISMS Newsletter #26 - Spring 2011

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MARGINS-GeoPRISMS Newsletter #25 - Fall 2010

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  • Science Articles: US Extended Continental Shelf Project
  • Magneto-tellurics and the Subduction Factory
  • MARGINS Chair Report
  • Thanks from NSF
  • Spring 2010 MSC Highlights
  • Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal
  • GeoPRISMS at AGU

Please visit the MARGINS Website for the full listing of previous MARGINS Newsletters.