GeoPRISMS Meetings & Workshops

GeoPRISMS Meetings and Workshops served as major vehicles for the development of a large, interdisciplinary science community. The GeoPRISMS Office provided the structure to facilitate research planning and dissemination through community planning, organizes planning and synthesis meetings, and supported the community management structure by organizing meetings of the Steering Committee. Workshop participation was open to the broader US community (and not only GeoPRISMS investigators), including researchers within national agencies and members of the international community with continuing interests in GeoPRISMS activities. GeoPRISMS Meetings and workshops usually drew a broad and diverse audience from domestic and international researchers, interested in the structure and dynamics of subduction zones and/or the initiation and evolution of rifts. As with any of the GeoPRISMS meetings and workshops, Early  Career Researchers – including graduate students and postdoc – participation was actively encouraged and funds were usually reserved to cover their travel costs. A one-day Early Career symposium was typically organized ahead of each large event, designed to provide valuable background relating to the topic of the meeting as well as GeoPRISMS, plus an opportunity for Early Career Scientists to meet and exchange scientific ideas in advance of the meeting. Meeting and  workshop outcomes could include new research collaborations to carry out the science objectives, along with special volumes of research papers and special sessions at scientific meetings to disseminate results.

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 icon-chevron-right Synthesis TEIs and Workshops took place during the final year of the GeoPRISMS Program and beyond. Synthesis workshops engaged participants in interdisciplinary discussions that led toward synthesizing research results. A series of NSF-funded cross-disciplinary workshops focusing on data synthesis and integration efforts will take place in 2021 and 2022.  These workshops will help identify future opportunities while keeping the community engaged beyond the end of the program. For more information about these workshops, please contact the principal investigators.

 icon-chevron-right Theoretical & Experimental Institutes focused on intermediate synthesis of progress made in the science objectives of the SCD and RIE initiatives.

icon-chevron-right Science Implementation and Primary Site Planning Workshops took place during the first three-year period of the GeoPRISMS Program. Initiative Workshops helped clarify the scientific objectives of the initiatives, and defined the specific themes and Primary Sites for initiative studies. Primary Sites Planning Workshops were organized to delineate research objectives and outline approaches at Primary Sites and, subsequently, to exchange knowledge, guide new ventures, and synthesize the work done at these sites.