GeoPRISMS at the AGU Fall Meeting

The GeoPRISMS Office organized a series of activities each year at the AGU Fall Meeting to allow community science planning, effective dissemination of result, and served as a way to reach out to Early Career Scientists who were not yet fully associated with the program.

Townhall Meeting

A Townhall meeting, typically hosted on Monday evening during AGU week, was open to all with interests in the GeoPRISMS Program and GeoPRISMS (or MARGINS) research. Presentations included updates about the GeoPRISMS Program, the latest GeoPRISMS research projects & study areas, and ongoing GeoPRISMS research from student presenters. Mini-Workshop conveners usually reported on the mini-workshops that were held the Sunday before AGU. Student entrants for the GeoPRISMS Prize for Outstanding Student Presentations were invited to display their AGU posters (or poster versions of their AGU talks) and discuss their research with event participants. The event was a great opportunity for students to share their results further and to interact with a wide spectrum of GeoPRISMS scientists. The GeoPRISMS Program Chair, members of the GeoPRISMS Steering and Oversight Committee, and Program Directors for GeoPRISMS from the National Science Foundation typically attended the townhall.

Best student presentation prize

Each year, a competition for best poster and oral presentation was organized by the GeoPRISMS Office at the AGU Fall Meeting to highlight the important role of student research in accomplishing GeoPRISMS-related science goals and encourage cross-disciplinary input. The contest was open to all students working on topics closely related to GeoPRISMS or MARGINS science objectives. A dedicated poster session was hosted at the GeoPRISMS AGU Townhall Meeting to provide the entrants an additional chance to meet with the judges, network with their peers, and receive feedback on their work.

Presentations were judged by a selected pool of former Steering Commitee members, former or current postdoc fellows, and previous award winners. The recommendations of the judges were evaluated by the GeoPRISMS Office. Since 2010, over 200 students have entered the competition – among them, twenty have been awarded with a $500 cash prize for best oral or best poster presentations, and forty have received honorable mentions. Their profiles were featured on the website and the GeoPRISMS newsletter.

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GeoPRISMS Sponsored Mini-Workshops

The GeoPRISMS has popularized the concept and expanded the reach of the AGU Mini-Workshops that were initiated by MARGINS. Each year, the GeoPRISMS Office sent out a call for mini-workshop proposals, advertised through the listserv, website, and newsletter. Funds were provided for the meeting venue and food. There was no fund allocated for transportion and lodging. Proposals were evaluated by the Steering Committee. Logistical support was provided by the GeoPRISMS Office. The number and timing of the events would depend on the available budget and cost of venues.

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GeoPRISMS Photo Contest

The GeoPRISMS Photo Contest that took place at the AGU Fall Meeting from 2015 to 2019, provided an opportunity for the GeoPRISMS Community to share their research, whether working in the field, or in the lab. The GeoPRISMS Photo Contest was open to anyone whose research is related to GeoPRISMS. The winner of the contest was typically announced during the GeoPRISMS townhall meeting. Winners received a print out of their photo and the winning photo was published on the GeoPRISMS Website, Newsletter and social media.

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