March 2012 | Status Report on the GeoPRISMS Data Portal

Status Report on the GeoPRISMS Data Portal: March 2012, Goodwillie A., and the IEDA Database Team (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
GeoPRISMS Newsletter, Issue No. 28, Spring 2012. Retrieved from

The GeoPRISMS data portal was launched in 2011 as a new portal of the MGDS database. For the GeoPRISMS primary sites, the portal is populated with information and links to a range of new and existing high-priority data sets.
Since the last newsletter report, information on field programs of interest to the GeoPRISMS community has been added to the data portal and to GeoMapApp, as highlighted below. In addition, the database group participated in the GeoPRISMS-EarthScope ENAM science meeting, holding a workshop to help increase awareness of database resources. At a pre-AGU GeoPRISMS-sponsored event, the database group ran one of the hands-on sessions showing how GeoMapApp can be incorporated with studies of arc basalt geochemistry.

Alaska-Aleutians Primary Site

Basic field information for three 2011 Langseth multi-channel seismic cruises is now available via the data portal. The Alaska Megathrust MCS survey, MGL1110, led by Donna Shillington, Mladen Nedimovic and Spahr Webb was sandwiched between two USGS surveys that were overseen by scientists Jonathan Childs, Ginger Barth, Warren Wood and Sean Gulick in support of the US Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) claim in the Gulf of Alaska and the Aleutians-Bering Sea. As well as streamer MCS data, all three Langseth surveys collected refraction and wide-angle reflection data with OBS instrument arrays.

Cascadia Primary Site

Field program details were added for the first two Cascadia Initiative OBS deployment legs. In GeoMapApp, under the Focus Sites menu, links have been added for the Cascadia Initiative Year 1 (legs 1, 2, 3) OBS work, the 2010-2011 joint Japan-Canada-US SeaJade OBS array, Neptune Canada cabled seismometer stations, Canadian National Seismometer Network stations, and stations associated with the many components of EarthScope USArray and PBO instrumentation (Fig 1). A link is also provided for geochemistry data from the EarthChem portal.

ENAM Primary Site

The GeoPRISMS data portal provides access to data from USGS seismic surveys and the Canadian LITHOPROBE-FGP seismic imaging initiative. A range of other cruise-based data includes the Mountain-Miller MCS survey across the New Jersey slope and high-resolution multibeam bathymetry and backscatter data collected as part of the US ECS claim (Fig. 2).

GeoPRISMS Search For Data

The portal offers a customized search-for-data interface to help researchers speed their way to GeoPRISMS-related data. The search can be done on a key word such as data type or investigator or by searching within a geographical box, as well as on NSF award number or for data sets related to publications.
A Google Maps™-based interactive map shows ship survey tracks, and the location of stations and samples from GeoPRISMS-related expeditions within each of the primary sites. Clicking on a track or station invokes a link to associated data sets and field program information. Statistics on data file downloads are compiled annually and sent to the contributing scientists.
Data Management Plan Tool – To help investigators meet the NSF requirement that each submitted proposal includes a data management plan, we developed an on-line tool that can be quickly filled in by PIs and printed in PDF format ready for attachment to a proposal. We have also developed a tool to help PIs show their compliance with NSF data policies.
GeoPRISMS Bibliography – An integrated, searchable GeoPRISMS bibliography has been created. It currently contains more than 170 references related to GeoPRISMS science, with papers tied to associated data sets. The lists of publications can be exported to EndNote™.
GeoMapApp – a free map-based data exploration and visualisation tool, currently stands at version 3.1.6. Recent GeoMapApp updates include the ability to import a wider range of gridded formats; an updated Digital Seismic Reflection Profiles portal that includes new options to access MCS and SCS data collected by USGS; updated versions of the PMEL seafloor earthquake catalogues; enhancement of the profiling tool; and, the ability to import Excel spreadsheets containing formulas in the cells. With GeoMapApp, users can import their own data tables and grids and manipulate them with the full range of GeoMapApp functionality. Multimedia audio-visual tutorials are available on the GeoMapApp web page and on YouTube™.
Virtual Ocean – offers GeoMapApp-style capabilities in 3-D. A wide range of built-in data sets is available and, as with GeoMapApp, data tables can be imported and manipulated, and custom maps can be generated. The release of version 2.5.4 includes three new Global Terrain Maps – Road map, Hybrid map, and OpenStreetMap – and enhancement of the seismic reflection fence diagram functionality.
MediaBank – provides access in a gallery format to GeoPRISMS-related images including photos from field expeditions. Please send compelling images to be considered for inclusion in the GeoPRISMS MediaBank gallery.
The GeoPRISMS data portal team is here to help the community. Please contact us at info <at>