Volunteers for the iMUSH active-source seismic experiment

We are seeking volunteers to deploy instruments during the active-source seismic experiment for iMUSH, the NSF-funded GeoPRISMS project “imaging Magma Under St. Helens”.

Information on this multi-disciplinary study, designed to image the magmatic system of Mount St. Helens, Washington, from the subducting slab to the edifice of the volcano, can be found at imush.org.

The iMUSH active-source seismic experiment is scheduled to begin in mid-July 2014 and will last two to three weeks. We require that all volunteers stay for the entire experiment. All volunteers must have a valid driver’s license. Some driving experience with 4-wheel drive vehicles is desirable, but not essential.

Please direct anyone interested in volunteering to http://earthscience.rice.edu/imush/ to learn more about the active-source experiment and to submit an application. For more information contact Eric Kiser, eric.d.kiser@rice.edu.