International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva August 2014 – Session of Interest

Please see below for session of interest to the GeoPRISMS-MARGINS community that will take place at the upcoming International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva meeting (18-22 August 2014) held in Geneva, Switzerland. Follow the instructions at the website for your abstract submission, which is due April 30, 2014.

Hereby we invite you to submit an abstract to Symposium S1 of the International Sedimentological Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. We invite all poster and oral presentations in the field of subaquatic (marine and lacustrine) paleoseismology.

S1: Subaquatic paleoseismology: records of large Holocene earthquakes in marine and lacustrine sediments

Conveners: Maarten Van Daele, Marc De Batist, Christian Beck, Chris Goldfinger, Hans Nelson

In recent years, marine and lake sediments have increasingly been identified as valuable and high-precision paleoseismological archives that can complement classic paleoseismological approaches (e.g. trenching). Earthquake shaking may cause turbidity currents, underwater landslides, tsunamis, soft-sediment deformation and liquefaction or fluid expulsion, which may become incorporated into the sedimentary record. The study of such seismically induced event deposits can provide an insight in the character of the causative earthquake. Lake or sea floors may also be affected by fault scarps and offset structures. The study of such features can provide information on coseismic (or interseismic) fault displacement. For this session we invite contributions that cover all aspects of subaquatic paleoseismology, such as (but not restricted to) underwater-landslide and/or turbidite stratigraphy, development of criteria for distinguishing earthquake deposits (from e.g. flood deposits, or nonseismically triggered mass wasting), dating and development of new chronostratigraphic tools, seismic trenching and active fault mapping, but also applications of subaquatic paleoseismology in specific case studies.

We hope to see you in Geneva!

Best regards,
Maarten Van Daele,
Marc De Batist,
Christian Beck,
Chris Goldfinger,
Hans Nelson