Hikurangi Margin Events next week

In an effort to make this virtual AGU more engaging and interactive, the conveners of the session From Trench to Back Arc: Dynamics of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone, would like to invite you to participate in the following events:

  • On 9 December from 18:00 – 19:00 Eastern US Time Zone, we will hold a Poster Walk during which time poster presenters who have indicated interest will give a 4-5 minute talk through of their posters. Use this link to attend:
  • Also on 9 December from 23:05 – 23:30 Eastern US Time Zone, we’ll hold a Breakout Session in which oral presenters will each be in different breakout rooms to talk more about their presentations. Use this link to attend:
Meeting ID: 984 9342 7618
Passcode: 215592

The list of confirmed presenters is attached.

You don’t need to register for AGU to attend these events but you can bring your favorite conference drink to make it feel more like AGU. We hope to see you next week!

If you have questions, please email chesley@ldeo.columbia.edu

Your Session T017 and T022 conveners
Christine Chesley
Andrew Gase
Geoff Kilgour
Laura Wallace