Call for Participation in Marine EM Survey of Fluids in the Alaskan Megathrust aboard the R/V Sikuliaq

Call for Participation in Marine EM Survey of Fluids in the Alaskan Megathrust aboard the R/V Sikuliaq

Application Deadline: January 15, 2019

We invite applications from graduate students, postdocs and early-career scientists to participate in a NSF-funded experiment to image fluids in the Alaskan subduction zone using marine electromagnetic methods. This project will collect seafloor magnetotelluric data and deep-towed controlled-source electromagnetic data along a series of profiles crossing the subduction zone off the Alaska Peninsula. These data will be used to constrain the hydration state of the incoming plate at the trench outer-rise, the distribution of fluids along the plate-interface beneath the forearc, and the release of fluids into the overlying forearc crust, with the goal of understanding how the transport and release of fluids along the plate boundary may regulate earthquake behavior and plate slip.

The research cruise is scheduled from May 21 to June 19, 2019, and will depart from and return to Seward, Alaska.

During the cruise we will run data acquisition training where participants will learn how to prepare, deploy and recover ocean-bottom electromagnetic receivers and how to deep-tow a controlled-source electromagnetic transmitter system. One profile of data will be made available to the participants and post-cruise we will work with the participants on data analysis and interpretation.

Applicants do not need to have previous seagoing experience or experience with electromagnetic geophysics. We hope that this research cruise will provide opportunities to become familiar with marine electromagnetic methods and data interpretation. Funds are available to cover travel and subsistence costs for US-based scientists.

To apply to participate, please submit an application package consisting of a CV (up to 2 pages long) and a statement of interest and experience (1 page or less) and email it to Kerry Key (kkey (at) Questions about the opportunity can be sent to Rob Evans (revans (at) ahead of the deadline. Applications by graduate students and postdocs require a brief letter of support from the graduate advisor/mentor. Applicants will be selected based on the broad relevance of this project and/or type of data to their current research and career objectives.