REMINDER: New Zealand Draft Implementation Plan available

 REMINDER – The comment period will close on Nov 22, 2013.  We look forward to hearing from you!

GeoPRISMS New Zealand Primary Site – Draft Implementation Plan is now available for review

The GeoPRISMS Implementation Plan for the New Zealand Primary Site has been revised based on the outcomes of the GeoPRISMS Science Workshop on New Zealand, held in Wellington, NZ in April 2013.  The draft can be downloaded from the following URL, in pdf or word formats.

We encourage members of the community to review and comment on this draft over the next week or so. We will accept input from the community through November 22, 2013 – a week from today.  Comments on the draft science plan should be sent to the attention of Julia Morgan, GeoPRISMS Chair ( Comments will be considered by the writing team, and the document revised accordingly.
The lead writers (listed below) have done an extraordinary job synthesizing the outcomes of the New Zealand workshop, and identifying the exciting directions for future GeoPRISMS and collaborative research. Many others not listed below also contributed to the implementation plan. All will be acknowledged in the appendix of the final GeoPRISMS Implementation Plan, and we thank you all for your contributions to this document!
This document presents a broad portfolio of scientific objectives in New Zealand and nearby. Out of necessity, the GeoPRISMS Implementation Plan cannot include all possible research targets or projects in New Zealand, but emphasizes the key topics and questions prioritized by the community during the planning workshop. The scientific summaries are intended to be informative but succinct (citations are minimal), and the implementation plans tractable and achievable within the decadal time frame of GeoPRISMS, while also being flexible and open to arising opportunities.  Even so, the plan is ambitious, ensuring that the best science will have to compete for the available GeoPRISMS funds.  Naturally, additional funding strategies must be pursued to achieve all of the science objectives presented here, and strong international collaborations will no doubt play a key role.
We look forward to your constructive comments to help improve and finalize the community implementation plan for the New Zealand Primary Site, and please remember – the deadline for comments is November 22, 2013!!

Julia Morgan, GeoPRISMS Chair

The New Zealand Implementation Plan Lead Writing Team Members (listed alphabetically):
Laura Wallace, University of Texas, Austin
Kathleen Marsaglia, California State University at Northridge
Susan Ellis, GNS Science, New Zealand
Adam Kent, Oregon State University
Nicola Litchfield, GNS Science, New Zealand
Demian Saffer, Pennsylvania State University
Susan Schwartz, University of California, Santa Cruz
Richard Wysoczanski, NIWA, New Zealand