Invitation from organizers, GeoPRISMS”Earth Tectonics and Surface Processes” Mini-Workshop

             In conjunction with AGU special session: “Exploring the Interplay Between Solid Earth Tectonics and Surface Processes From Mountains to the Sea
We would like to bring to your attention a GeoPRISMS mini-workshop focused on: “Exploring the Interplay between Solid Earth Tectonics and Surface Processes using Community Codes”.  The goal of this mini-workshop is to discuss the availability and performance of community modeling codes for coupling geodynamics and surface processes and to identify key scientific questions that can be addressed though a coupled modeling approach. The workshop is co-sponsored by GeoPRISMS and the Geodynamics Focus Research Group within CSDMS.
Date: During AGU: Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Location: Fillmore ABC, Grand Hyatt San Francisco (345 Stockton Street)
Keynote Speakers: R. Huismans (Bergen University), B. Yanites (University of Idaho), L. Moresi (Monash University)
Conveners: P. Upton (GNS Science); M. Behn (WHOI); J. Jaeger (Univ. Florida)
Phaedra, Mark and John