100 Advances in Geodesy

Dear GeoPRISMS Community,

To celebrate the AGU Centennial, the Geodesy Section is inviting the community to submit compelling advances in geodesy in the following categories:

  • Science – research advance, any advance in understanding Earth and Earth processes;
  • Technology – any advance in instruments, field work, hardware or other technological endeavors;
  • Data – any advance in computation, data analysis, data management, software or other related data aspect;
  • Education – any advance in education (formal or informal) or education research (during the centennial time period, 1919 to 2019); and
  • Broader Impacts – any advance in applied science, science management, community engagement, societal benefits or other impacts (during the centennial time period, 1919 to 2019)

We ask that your submission(s) align with the following criteria:

  • a 1 to 3 sentence description;
  • 1 to 3 references
  • the category and the year or timeframe of the advance.

We hope to announce “100 Advances in Geodesy” in the weeks leading up to the Centennial Celebration at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco through our new Twitter feed @AGUGeodesy and through the new section webpage. Additionally, we hope to record the “100 Advances in Geodesy” through the section and during the meeting. The committee does not intend to rank the advances, though we may ask the community to consider this at some time in the future. For organization, we may put the advances in chronological order, so please include a time period for any submission.

Please submit your advances via email to the AGU Geodesy Section Centennial Committee (Vicki Childers, Tim Dixon, and Linda Rowan) at geodesyadvances@unavco.org under the subject heading “100 Advances in Geodesy”. We cannot accept advances submitted via any other avenue.

We reserve the flexibility to have more than 100 advances, to combine advances that are similar, and to place some advances into an honorable mention category.

Thank You,

AGU Geodesy Centennial Committee
Vicki Childers, Tim Dixon and Linda Rowan