Alaska Amphibious Community Experiment draft plan open for comment

A proposal for a community amphibious seismological experiment in Alaska is being prepared for the GeoPRISMS deadline, to address high-priority scientific problems across the Alaska margin. The plan addresses the high scientific priorities of the Amphibious Array Futures Workshop report as they address the GeoPRISMS and EarthScope Science plans in a region of great earthquakes and abundant volcanism. The draft deployment plan along with links to these reports are all on the project web page:


That plan is open for community feedback through July 10, 2016. We encourage all interested parties to review the draft deployment plan and map, and provide any feedback. The draft plan discusses the ways in which feedback would be most helpful and the overall structure of the deployment, as well as a map and rationale for the array design. A form for providing feedback and instructions can be found on the project web page; please use this feedback mechanism rather than emailing the PI’s directly.

The AACE project team (G. Abers, A. Adams, P. Haeussler, E. Roland, S. Schwartz, A. Sheehan, D. Shillington, S. Webb, D. Wiens, L. Worthington).