Apply to the Earth Surface Processes Institute, August 13-21, 2020, Boulder, CO

Please apply or bring to attention of your students and PDF’s interested in geomorphology or surface processes and geodynamics:

Apply to the Earth Surface Processes Institute, August 13-21st, 2020, Boulder, CO

CSDMS will host a 10-day, immersive training experience for 25 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and early career faculty at the CSDMS Integration Facility at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This is an NSF funded project and will hopefully bring together earth surface processes aficinados from all over the US and world.

ESPIn is a 10-day immersive training experience for 25 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and/or early career faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder. ESPIn is designed to allow participants to make advances on critical earth surface processes research questions by teaching cyberinfrastructure skills. ESPIn will offer hands-on training in numerical modeling, best programming practices, open source software development, collaborative coding and version control, Landlab and pymt, high performance computing, and model uncertainty quantification.

Several days will be dedicated to working in small teams on authentic research, data analysis, and coding projects. Participants can also work on developing and advancing their own research codes. In addition, there will be dedicated time for a local field trip, peer-to-peer networking, and professional development. A mix of experienced scientists, visiting faculty, software engineers, and research computing experts will provide instruction. ESPIn will conclude with team presentations on code advances and research outcomes, and set up participants to continue to develop ideas.

Participant costs (enrollment, accommodation based on shared rooms, breakfast and lunch on teaching days) are supported for 20 participants by ESPIn. However, applicants are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from Boulder, Colorado, for dinners, and all other incidental expenses. We have an additional 5 slots open for participants who can fund their own attendance, registration for full summer institute participation is $1250.

Welcome on behalf of the organizing team and instructors: Irina Overeem, Mark Piper, Nicole Gasparini, Leilani Arthurs, Benjamin Campforts

Application deadline April 1st, 2020.

For questions regarding ESPIn application and general info, contact us at: