RV Marcus Langseth and the Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences

RV Marcus Langseth user community:

The National Academies are conducting a Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences to develop a list of the top ocean science priorities for the next decade in the context of the current state of knowledge, ongoing research activities, and resource availability. The DSOS committee’s report will present a compelling research strategy for increased understanding of the oceans over the decade 2015-2025.

The report generated from this study will provide key input to NSF’s Division of Ocean Sciences and likely define the the allocation of experiment and facility funding from within OCE for the next decade.

The RV Marcus Langseth is partly funded through the Division of Ocean Sciences and the results of this report will greatly impact the future growth in capability and availability of 2D and 3D seismic data available to researchers. The oceans present a huge ‘blank spot’ to our current collective available geophysics data that will need to be instrumented to further our understanding of Earth’s geophysical processes.

Please take some time to review existing comments and submit your own comments on the need for increased geophysics measurement capability in the oceans.

Existing comments can be reviewed at: http://nas-sites.org/dsos2015/comment-forum/

Comments may be submitted at: http://nas-sites.org/dsos2015/

The deadline for comments is March 15!

Dale S. Sawyer
Chair of Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee
713-348-5106 (o)