Synthesis of the Cenozoic Magmatism of East Africa

Dear Colleagues,

To those who are under lock down orders and would like to learn a little about magmatism in East Africa, I have good news! Below are 5 links to a recently published synthesis – The Cenozoic Magmatism of East Africa, parts 1 to 5. The synthesis series is freely available to anyone using the links below until June 12th, 2020. This series was in part motivated by the GeoPrisms RIE focus site in East Africa.

Part 1 –  Flood basalts and pulsed magmatism
Part 2 – Rifting of the mobile belt
Part 3 – Rifting of the craton
Part 4 – The terminal stages of rifting preserved in the Northern East African Rift System
Part 5 – Magma sources and processes in the East African Rift
Tyrone Rooney