GeoPRISMS Science Plan & Implementation Plan

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Here you can find information about the GeoPRISMS official planning documents: the GeoPRISMS Science Plan and GeoPRISMS Implementation Plans (IPs). Browse the tabs below for information on each set of documents.

Implementation PlanScience Plan

GeoPRISMS Implementation Plan

Last updated on: 12/23/2013

The Implementation Plan arising from two implementation workshops, and subsequent Primary Site planning workshops can be found below and is based upon input received from the more than 750 participants at these workshops, as well white paper contributors. More than 40 writers (listed in IP Appendix A) took the lead in synthesizing this input assisted by many other members of the community. This Implementation Plan is truly a community effort!

Please note that all IP sections below are in optimized format.

1. Executive Summary | icon-file 168 Kb
2. Subduction Cycles and Deformation Implementation Plan |  icon-file 3.7 Mb
2.1. Introduction and Overview
2.2. Alaska Margin – Primary Site | icon-file 1.5 Mb
2.3. Cascadia Margin – Primary Site | icon-file 0.5 Mb
2.4. New Zealand – Primary Site | icon-file 1.9 Mb
2.5. Thematic Studies
3. Rift Initiation and Evolution | icon-file 3.0 Mb
3.1. Introduction and Overview
3.2. East African Rift System – Primary Site | icon-file 1.1 Mb
3.3. Eastern North American Margin – Primary Site | icon-file 2.3 Mb
3.4. Thematic Studies
4. Funding Strategies and Priorities | icon-file 128 Kb
5. References |  icon-file 212 Kb
Appendix A. Implementation Plan Writing Team |  92 Kb
Appendix B. Implementation Plan Workshops | icon-file 76 Kb
Appendix C. Implementation Plan Update History |  icon-file 68 Kb

GeoPRISMS Draft Science Plan

Download the complete document |  icon-file 7 Mb

At the request of NSF and following the recommendation of the MARGINS Decadal Review Committee (DRC), a Draft Science Plan was submitted to NSF for a MARGINS successor program, here named GeoPRISMS (Geodynamic Processes at RIfting and Subducting MarginS).

This Draft Science Plan emerged from the MARGINS Successor Planning Workshop in San Antonio, 15-17 February 2010, taking into account the DRC’s recommendations. Over 200 scientists attended the Planning Workshop, demonstrating great interest in a successor program and resulting in substantial community input to the design of these plans. The Draft Science Plan was written by a group of about 20 authors (listed in Appendix A) chosen by, and including members of, the MARGINS Steering Committee, with Julia Morgan overseeing the process. A complete preliminary draft was made public in late March 2010, allowing two weeks for public comment on the entire plan. The final version that you see below incorporates that feedback. The Draft Science Plan was submitted on April 19, 2010, and was accepted by NSF.

1. Executive Summary
2. Origin and Structure of GeoPRISMS
3. Overarching Scientific Topics and Themes
4. Subduction Cycles and Deformation
5. Rift Initiation & Evolution
6. Implementation of Science Objectives
7. Research Strategies
8. Partnerships and Collaborations
9. Education & Outreach for the GeoPRISMS Program
10. Other Impacts of the GeoPRISMS Program
11. Program Management
12. References
Appendix A – Science Plan Writing Team
Appendix B – MSPW Agenda
Appendix C – MSPW Participant List
Appendix D – MSPW Vision Statements
Appendix E – Contributed White Papers