April 2018 | Status Report on the GeoPRISMS Data Portal

Status Report on the GeoPRISMS Data Portal: April 2018, Goodwillie A., and the IEDA Database Team (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University)
GeoPRISMS Newsletter, Issue No. 40, Spring 2018. Retrieved from http://geoprisms.nineplanetsllc.com

The GeoPRISMS data portal was established in 2011 to provide convenient access to data and information for each primary site as well as to other relevant data resources. Since the last newsletter report, highlighted below are recent contributions of data sets and field program information of interest to the GeoPRISMS community. Many of the data sets described are also available in GeoMapApp under the Focus Site and DataLayers menus.

East African Rift System

A new aeromagnetic total magnetic intensity data set collected in 2013 for the Karonga area of northern Malawi Rift was contributed by investigators Estella Atekwana, Jalf Salima, and Leonard Kalindekafe. In addition, 2-D electrical resistivity tomography profiles acquired in the same area during 2015 were provided by Estella Atekwana, Daniel Lao-Davila, and Folarin Kolawole. The data sets were used by the researchers in their studies of the early stages of continental extension and active deformation of the Malawi Rift North Basin hinge zone.


As part of a project investigating thermal structure, hydration and dehydration of the Juan de Fuca plate, stacked receiver function data files and station orientation estimates for Cascadia Ocean Bottom Seismometer stations were received from investigators Helen Janiszewski, Jim Gaherty, and Geoff Abers. The data set is referenced in Janiszewski and Abers, 2015.


The Data Portal team helped convene the GeoPRISMS-sponsored pre-AGU mini-workshop entitled “Early-Career Scientists/Faculty: Introduction to GeoPRISMS/MARGINS Data Resources, Mini-Lessons, and Effective Broader Impacts”. During the workshop, participants were exposed to data resources including GeoMapApp and to a number of MARGINS mini-lessons that make use of GeoMapApp and the IEDA EarthChem database.

GeoPRISMS Data Portal Tools and Other Relevant IEDA Resources

Search For Data – The GeoPRISMS search tool provides a quick way to find GeoPRISMS data using parameters such as keyword, NSF award number, publications, and geographical extent.

Data Management Plan tool – Generate a data management plan for your NSF proposal. The on-line form can be quickly filled in, printed in PDF format, and attached to a proposal. PIs can use an old plan as a template to create a new plan. We also have developed a tool to help PIs show compliance with NSF data policies.

GeoPRISMS Bibliography – With more than 1,150 citations, many tied to data sets, the references database can be searched by primary site, paper title, author, year, and journal. The citations can be exported to EndNote™. Submit your papers for inclusion in the bibliography – just the DOI is needed!

Contribute Data – The web submission tools support PI contributions of geophysical, geochemical, and sample data. File formats include grids, tables, spreadsheets, and shapefiles. Once registered within the IEDA systems, the data sets become available to the broader community immediately or may be placed on restricted hold. Additionally, PIs can choose to have a DOI assigned to each submitted data set, allowing it to become part of the formal, citable scientific record.

The GeoPRISMS Data Portal team is here to serve the community. Please contact us at info (at) geoprisms.nineplanetsllc.com