GeoMapApp: User Feedback Requested - Survey Extended (Deadline: March 15)

Dear members of the GeoPRISMS community,

The GeoMapApp User Survey has been completed by many people but there is still time to provide feedback - the survey has been extended until 15th March.

If you still wish to offer feedback, please visit the survey link below.

GeoMapApp, a free data exploration and visualization application developed to support geoscience broadly, is regularly updated and expanded to better meet the needs of the community. Feedback from users is key to helping guide the direction of its future development.

Would you be willing to give us your GeoMapApp feedback via a simple, short survey? If so, we ask that you fill in the following survey by 15th March. Thanks!

GeoMapApp is a tool of the Marine Geoscience Data System/IEDA Facility which provides support for GeoPRISMS data management.

Thank you very much,

Andrew Goodwillie
GeoPRISMS Data Manager