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GeoPRISMS & Amphibious Array at EarthScope National Meeting

Will you be attending next week's EarthScope National Meeting in Raleigh, NC?  Please plan to join discussions and presentations of interest to the GeoPRISMS community (see abbreviated listed below). The full agenda can be found on-line:
In particular, we encourage you to participate in Break-Out Session 3, Monday afternoon (2:05-3 pm)

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Clarification from NSF - Important Update regarding NSF GeoPRISMS Solicitation

If you have questions about the listserv message that went out earlier today, please read the below message from the NSF GeoPRISMS PO's first:
Following the message that went out today regarding changes to the GeoPRISMS solicitation, NSF program officers (PO's) have heard from several nervous PI's concerned that, for instance, "2013 will be the last year for ENAM proposals."
Please read the language in the solicitation carefully. Notice that we state that the windows listed are a) flexible windows, and more importantly b) intended for "large-scale data acquisition projects" and "costly field experiments," a category under which many proposals do not fall. It states that "smaller studies (such as preparatory work, data analysis, and synthesis, or thematic studies), requiring a lower percentage of the overall annual budget, will be considered for all sites each year."
Jennifer Wade will be at the EarthScope meeting next week, and will be happy to clarify any questions anyone there may have. For those of you not at the meeting, you can always contact Bilal, Jennifer, or Donna for clarification at any time.
You can access the revised solicitation at


Important Update regarding NSF GeoPRISMS Solicitation

Dear members of the GeoPRISMS Community -
The NSF GeoPRISMS solicitation (for FY14) has been revised, providing important instructions regarding "Continued Community Input and Phased Funding Model" (extracted below).  You can access the revised solicitation at
And please note the following proposal deadlines:
   NSF GeoPRISMS: July 1, 2013
   GeoPRISMS Postdoctoral Fellowship: July 1, 2013
Other proposal deadlines of interest:
   NSF EAR Postdoctoral Fellowship: July 18, 2013
   EarthScope Program: August 23, 2013
   Interested in working with the Cascadia Initiative data - see revised Cascadia Dear Colleague Letter:

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Goldschmidt ExTerra travel grants for students, post-docs and early career scientists

Hi everyone,

The National Science Foundation has provided funding for us to award travel grants for students, post-docs, and early career scientists currently at US institutions to travel to attend the ExTerra workshop prior to the Goldschmidt conference this coming August. General information about the workshop and the travel grants is below.

Read more: Goldschmidt ExTerra travel grants for students, post-docs and early career scientists

Contribute to G-cubed Special Volume on Oceanic Arcs/Back-arcs


Special G-cubed Theme on Oceanic Arcs/Backarcs has been extended and invites your submissions.
The theme will be open through at least 11/1/2013.

Please contact one of the Theme Editor(s) is you have questions about manuscripts:   J. Resing, W. Chadwick, K. Rubin, D. Butterfield, T. Shank

Theme name: Assessing Magmatic, Neovolcanic, Hydrothermal, and Biological Processes along Intra-Oceanic Arcs and Back-Arcs;journalCode=GC 

Description: This theme is aimed at understanding submarine magmatic and hydrothermal processes along intra-oceanic arc and back-arc systems with an emphasis on neo-volcanism. Recent on-going eruptions have attracted multidisciplinary studies in many areas, including tectonic and magmatic setting of eruptions, geochemistry and petrology of erupted lavas, flux of magmatic volatiles, chemistry and evolution of associated hydrothermal emissions at the seafloor and in the water column, formation mechanisms and dispersal of tephra, seismic and acoustic characterization of volcanic activity, and micro- and macro-biological colonization of eruption sites. Multidisciplinary contributions are sought to bring better understanding to magmatic, volcanic, and hydrothermal processes in these settings.